Reckless Homicide


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Reckless Homicide And Vehicular Homicide

In Illinois, a reckless homicide offense, otherwise known as “vehicular homicide,” is when a person drives in a manner so reckless that it either causes or is likely to cause death or “great bodily injury.” A person can be considered to be driving recklessly by doing or failing to do something that poses a substantial danger of death or serious injury to another while consciously disregarding the risk.  Any driver of a vehicle that causes the death of another person while under the influence of alcohol is also considered reckless conduct.

These Are Felony Charges

Generally, a reckless homicide offense is a Class 3 Felony and you are facing 2-5 years in prison. Under certain situations, it can also be charged as a Class 2 felony. This typically occurs when the death occurred in a school-crossing or construction zone, if more than one person died or the victim was a law enforcement officer.  In addition, any driver convicted of reckless homicide faces a minimum two-year license revocation. Our team is prepared to handle charges related to any type of traffic violation.

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If you are arrested for a reckless homicide in Illinois, you will be facing more severe consequences. It is important you contact an experienced attorney in order to have the best possible outcome. Call our team  immediately at 312-766-4223. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with a free consultation. You can also request a consultation via our online contact form. Our founding attorney speaks fluent Russian, making us capable of serving you in either the English or Russian language.