Disorderly Conduct


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What Disorderly Conduct Charges Typically Involve

In Illinois, “disorderly conduct” is an umbrella term that covers many different laws focused on public safety. Generally, these laws prohibit “disturbing the peace” or engaging in unreasonable conduct that disturbs others. These laws also make it illegal to engage in specific acts that waste public resources or unnecessarily cause public fear. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Making a false report of a fire, explosive device, crime in progress, past crime or child abuse/neglect
  • Making false reports to the Department of Public Health
  • Entering another person’s property to look into it or dwelling for lewd purposes
  • Using harassment or intimidation as a collection agent

Disorderly conduct can be charged as a misdemeanor or in some cases a felony. These charges, as with all criminal charges, are not something to take lightly as the consequences can involve lengthy prison sentences, a criminal record and hefty fines.

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