Public Indecency


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What Is Indecent Exposure?

Public indecency is also known as indecent exposure. In Illinois, anyone 17 or older can be charged with indecent exposure, also known as public indecency, if they are alleged to have publicly engage in sexual conduct or lewd exposure with the intent to arouse.

This statute specifically excludes breastfeeding of infants.

Being charged with public indecency can come with serious and harmful consequences, including prison sentences and sex offender registration. Beyond severe societal consequences, being listed on the sex offender registry can affect every aspect of your life, including where you can live, work, walk and visit. If you are charged with this offense or alternatively with the offense of disorderly conduct our law firm can help you aggressively fight these charges in and out of court.

Oftentimes, even what seems like an innocent gesture or mistake could lead to serious criminal charges under Illinois’ indecent exposure laws.

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