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The Skilled Defense You Need When Facing A Felony Domestic Battery Charge

Felony domestic battery charges are extremely serious charges that often involve an extremely long jail or prison time. At Shifrin Law Group, we understand how difficult these situations can be, and how hard it is to find legal representation that will effectively represent you and your specific case. At Shifrin Law Group we are the defense team that will effectively and efficiently take on your case and make sure you receive the representation you deserve.

What A Domestic Battery Charge Involves

In Illinois, domestic violence is defined by 750 ILCS/60. This statute states that domestic violence charges can only be filed if a specific act was committed against a certain individual.

This act must include one of the following:

  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Making threats
  • Harassing
  • Stopping a person from leaving
  • Forcing an individual to have sex

This act will be considered domestic battery if the accused and the alleged victim had one of the following relationships:

  • Children
  • Disabled individual
  • Spouses
  • Former spouse
  • Individuals who previously shared residence
  • Stepchild
  • Former spouse

Typically, domestic battery charges are classified as misdemeanors and carry a minimum mandatory sentence. Because of this, a defendant is ineligible for a supervision disposition. This means that any conviction will result in a permanent criminal record that cannot be sealed or expunged.

In certain circumstances domestic battery charges can be enhanced from a misdemeanor to a class 4 felony charge if the Defendant has a prior domestic battery or violation of an order of protection conviction.

Aggravated Domestic Battery

If a Defendant is alleged to have committed a domestic battery and is alleged to have caused great bodily harm, permanent disability, or disfigurement, the defendant may be found guilty of aggravated domestic battery. Often times, aggravated domestic battery also occurs where a defendant is alleged to have strangled the victim during the commission of domestic battery.

Aggravated domestic battery is a considered a Class 2 Felony. Often times the court will impose a mandatory condition requiring that the defendant to be imprisoned for a minimum of sixty days.

If the defendant has one or more prior convictions for aggravated domestic battery, the Court must sentence the defendant to a minimum of three years in prison.

Discuss Your Options After A Felony Domestic Battery Charge In a Free Consultation With Us

If you have been charged with felony domestic battery, your options and the penalties can vary greatly depending on your case. The first step any person in this situation should take, is to first understand the charges against you, and then find a defense team that will offer you the best legal guidance and expertise. At Shifrin Law Group, we can offer this kind of representation for you and your case. Call Shifrin Law Group at 312-766-4223 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. You can also reach us by using our online form. Our founding attorney speaks fluent Russian, making us capable of serving you in either the English or Russian language.