Aggravated Battery


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Experienced Defense For Aggravated Battery Charges

Many conflicts can erupt into a physical altercation. There may be pressing reasons for this and valid defenses. At Shifrin Law Group, in Chicago, we are committed to protecting your best interests. We will work to ensure that you have a solid and strategic defense. We offer the client-centered, results-driven representation your future deserves.

What A Battery Charge Involves

In Illinois, battery is defined as the act of “intentionally or knowingly without legal justification by any mean, (1) causing bodily harm to an individual or (2) making physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with an individual.”

Typically, a battery offense is a Class A misdemeanor, but there are a few circumstances that can elevate a battery charge to an aggravated battery. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The victim received permanent disability, disfigurement or great bodily harm
  • The victim was strangled
  • The act was committed against a child or an adult with a severe or profound intellectual disability
  • The act was committed against a peace officer, fireman or private security officer
  • The act was committed against a person 60 years of age or older
  • The act was committed against a person who is pregnant or has a physical disability
  • A deadly weapon was used
  • The act occurred in a public place

An aggravated battery charge in Illinois is generally a Class 3 felony and can result in 2-5 years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $25,000.

Battery That Involves A Firearm

However, if you used a firearm during the battery or you are accused of committing a battery against a child, you can be facing a Class X felony, which has a mandatory minimum of 6 years in prison and maximum sentence of a 30-year prison sentence. Because the penalties for an aggravated battery conviction are so severe, it is crucial you contact an experienced and aggressive attorney who understands the full scope of Illinois criminal charges and their defense.

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If you have been charged with an aggravated battery, your options and the penalties can vary greatly depending on the details of your case. Your best next step is to understand the charges and obtain skilled and strategic defense. Call Shifrin Law Group at 312-766-4223 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. You can also reach us by using our online form. Our founding attorney speaks fluent Russian, making us capable of serving you in either the English or Russian language.