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Property or Business Owners of buildings and facilities have a duty to maintain their elevators. The experienced legal team at Shifrin Law Group provides client-centric, results-driven guidance and representation in elevator-related injuries. As trial attorneys, we are prepared to take on big business, big insurance and your case.

Types Of Elevator Accidents

Elevators and escalators can be dangerous pieces of equipment that if not properly maintained, can malfunction and cause serious injuries. Elevator passengers can be seriously injured in elevator accidents, including:

  • Trips and falls: people can easily slip, trip or fall when entering or leaving an elevator, especially if the elevator is not properly installed.
  • Automatic doors: elevator doors can shut while a person is entering or exiting an elevator, potentially causing severe injuries. Although there is normally a safety feature that prevents this, a malfunctioning elevator door can cause injury.
  • Elevator drop: A sudden drop of the elevator car can cause deadly injuries to occupants of the elevator.

Our team of experienced attorneys is prepared to help immediately with this type of premise liability claim, and our knowledgeable attorneys will act swiftly and effectively to achieve maximum compensation.

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