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No one goes to work expecting to suffer a serious injury. None of us work our jobs and expect that merely fulfilling our duty will cause us harm, pain or debilitation. But the truth is accidents and injuries at the workplace happen in the Chicago area every day. The skilled and experienced team at Shifrin Law Group is here to offer you client-centric, results-driven guidance and representation after a workplace injury. As trial attorneys, we are prepared to do what it takes to get you the compensation you need.

The Purpose Of Workplace Insurance

In Illinois, the law states that every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for nearly every single person. Employers who are in violation of the law can be fined heavily and face other serious penalties.

Workers’ compensation are benefits that pay for medical costs of job-related injuries and diseases. Almost every employee in Illinois is covered under workers’ compensation laws. If you suffer an injury on the job, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation.

In order to get workers’ compensation, an employee must:

  • Receive medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury
  • Follow the advice of medical professionals. You will have a difficult time claiming benefits if you do not follow the recommended course of treatment and you fail to improve or worsen injuries as a result
  • Inform your treating physicians that the injury occurred at work. This is important because your treating physicians will know to send your medical bills to your employer.

In order to successfully prove a claim for workers’ compensation, an employee needs to prove:

  • You were an employee of the employer on the date of the accident
  • Your injury was caused or made worse by the incident
  • You notified your employer within the appropriate time limits. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, you have 45 days from the injury to notify your employer in order to pursue a claim.

An employee can recover the following benefits under workers’ compensation:

  • Lost earnings/wages
  • Medical bills incurred
  • Disability benefits if applicable. If a work-related accident caused a permanent injury or impairment, you can receive disability benefits. If your injuries resulted in total disability, benefits are payable for the rest of your life. Some examples of total disability are if you are unable to work in any capacity for any type of job or you lost the use of both of your hands/arms, feet/legs or eyes.

If you are a worker who suffered an injury at work, you are entitled to compensation. As attorneys who are skilled and experienced with many types of personal injury cases, we can advise you on workers’ compensation and third-party claims. We are prepared to take on third-party claims that are the result of defective equipment or products.

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