Animal and Dog Bites


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The Experienced Legal Guidance You Need After A Serious Domestic Animal Attack Or Dog Bite

Dogs who are untrained, off-leash, running loose or who are naturally aggressive can attack or bite when unprovoked. In some cases, other domesticated animals can also bike, attack or cause harm. The skilled and experienced team at Shifrin Law Group in Chicago offers client-centric, results-driven personal injury guidance and representation. As trial attorneys, we are prepared to take animal bites cases right away.

Take Medical And Legal Action After An Injury

Victims of dog bites can experience agonizing and enduring injuries. Large and small dogs can leave lasting tissue and muscle harm. Victims of dog bites also may experience lasting fear and emotional distress associated with the attack and visible scars on their hands, arms or face.

We have seen firsthand the physical and mental injuries endured by our clients because of a dog owner’s carelessness. If you are ever involved in a dog bite incident, immediately seek medical attention. Reach out to our team about potentially filing a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. As attorneys with a strong focus on personal injury issues, we can help.

Get A Free Consultation After An Animal Bite Or Attack

Our team is experienced with animal attack and dog bite cases. Our knowledgeable attorneys will act swiftly and effectively to achieve maximum compensation. If you have been harmed by someone else’s animal, call us at 312-766-4223 today to learn more about your rights. You can also reach our team via inquiry email. Our founding attorney speaks fluent Russian, making us capable of serving you in either the English or Russian language.