Petty Traffic Infractions


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As a team with a concentrated focus on moving violations and petty traffic tickets, the attorneys at Shifrin Law Group in Chicago are committed to protecting your interests, your record and your driving privileges. Get the experienced guidance and client-centered, results-driven representation you need and deserve.

Preserving Your Driving Privileges

A driver’s license is an important credential that many people depend on for their livelihoods. Some traffic offenses/convictions will result in you losing driving privileges. If a driver has been convicted of certain criminal or traffic offenses involving the use of a vehicle, they could suffer serious financial consequences or driver’s license implications. We can help you understand your options, protect your privileges and identify your next best step.

Our experienced attorneys are here to help if you face a misdemeanor traffic violation or petty traffic violation citation. To discuss your options, contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We will review your traffic ticket and help you move forward with your next steps. 

Learn Your Options To Keep Your Driving Record Clean In A Free Consultation

If you have been charged with a traffic offense involving the use of a vehicle and are concerned about your driver’s license record, contact the team at Shifrin Law Group to discuss your options with an experienced attorney. Call 312-766-4223 or reach us via our online request form.  Talk with a Traffic violation attorney and learn how we can help you keep your driving record clean. Our founding attorney speaks fluent Russian, making us capable of serving you in either the English or Russian language.